Yehuda is a licensed psychotherapist, experienced in many areas of mental health, specializing in depression, anxiety, and phobias.  A published author in the area of self-esteem, his specialized self-esteem therapy focuses on developing an intrinsically-based sense of self.  It has been highly successful in helping clients to achieve true self-esteem.

•   individual couseling
•   marriage counseling
•   supportive counseling

Out-of-network billing done for all insurance

Evening and weekend appointments are available

For a consultation, please call: 
(516) 218-4200

Yehuda is a highly recommended psychotherapist with more than 25 years' experience.  He specializes in depression, anxiety disorders & phobias, and ADHD, and has extensive experience in many other areas of mental health.  He works with individuals as well as with families and couples.  He works with adolescents and adults.  He will work with insurance companies for out-of-network benefits.

Yehuda is a published author, and is a regular contributor to an international newspaper.  He is an adjunct professor at Touro University's Graduate School of Social Work.

Yehuda utilizes a number of psychotherapeutic methods and does not rely on only one.  A careful analysis is made to determine which method, or combination of methods, is best suited for each particular client.  This helps to achieve the best possible results.

Robyn (Feige) Lieberman's contribution to the practice consists of her many years of focused practice with children and adolescents.  Her expertise with this population makes her a valuable part of the practice.

See the "About Robyn (Feige)" page for more information.